For Future Innovators & Entrepreneurs in Cameroon

(Got Inspiration from STEAM VISION)

Programming Club Cameroon is giving access to STEAM education to 25+ kids 3 days each week. So far we were able to introduce 205+ kids to the concept of STEAM through workshops and seminars organize in Yaounde, Douala and in villages of Cameroon. We have also expose more than 5000+ people to STEAM concepts through radios shows (Galaxy FM,Triumph FM, Radio Maria, Cameroon Radio And Television Center Region Stations) ,end of session events organized by ourselves and Social Media. Our goal is to reach the different sections of the society and specially the under privilege populations and areas where there is still a stigma for such modern education targeting 1000+ students getting the state of art education STEAM by the end of 2019. We have received recognition from the National Olympic Committee of Cameroon