Kalam Dream Lab – Sewa Dham, is social initiative of STEAM VISION in Sewa Dham Vidya Mandir School which is a fully residential senior secondary school which has underserved students coming from rural, remote and tribal areas of 21 states of India. We have been mentoring these 250+ students with STEAM education by giving them hands on experience on next generation technologies like Robotics, AI, IoT, VR and App Development ,developing 21st century skills and problem solving skills to solve local community problems.


Youngsters learn how to identify the local problems and solve them using state-of-art technology. This way of learning fosters creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship where they can decode their academia to solve the problems of society.

  • Exposing students to rich, compelling learning experiences that help develop deeper knowledge and skill especially the problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking which are so highly desired for our world today.
  • Empowering students to take responsibility for their own educational destinies and to explore and innovate thus creating an independent new generation of lifelong learners
  • Enhancing student learning. Creating efficiencies in delivering education and advance lifelong learning.
  • Empowering schools, teachers and students to make the most of new technologies to create new learning pathways that equip students to live and work in the Smart State.
  • Connecting teachers with professional learning so they can create and employ meaningful and engaging strategies integral to learning.
  • Building partnerships between schools and school communities to broaden learning opportunities, foster collaboration and advance lifelong learning.