STEAM VISION is an amalgamation of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Social Outreach, and Women Empowerment. We want to be a part of transforming India as an innovation nation.STEAM Vision initiatives are giving access to STEAM Education and ecosystem to 575+ kids every day. So far we were able to introduce the concept of STEAM to 5800+ kids through workshops, Bootcamps, Seminars, events and through our mentorship program. More than 6.5 lakh people got the exposure of STEAM Vision and its initiatives through trade-shows, Media- Zee TV, Newspapers, Social media etc. We were able to participate in the National and International events. Our goal is to reach the different sections of the society in spite of their per capita income. We are in the process of scale up and would like to reach the remotest areas as well as education centers where there is still a stigma for such kind of Modern Education, targeting more than 2000 students getting the state of art education in STEAM by Dec 2019.


Chander Malik:

• A serial entrepreneur and a dynamic professional having rich management experience started his first Business in the travel industry. He came to the US in the late eighties started Trans American Information Systems Inc. in 1991. His business approach revolves around the good nature of interpersonal communication, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Modern Education and social outreach. Our goal is to setup a company based on Socio-Economic model in which a portion of the profits are invested in social good. He got the inspiration after meeting our Honorable Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi to do something unique in 2015. An overwhelming response encouraged us to start STEAM Vision Pvt. Ltd. which is an amalgamation of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Social outreach, and Women Empowerment. We are a part of transforming India as an innovation nation. Our first initiative Programming Club in Delhi is a small effort to help little growing minds to change the world around them with their understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). It is his passion to provide world-class education which is affordable, Accessible and Acceptable. We connect youth to knowledge and opportunities. We have created a self-sustained model so that we can support community outreach programs. • Board Member of the Global University of Engineering • Main coordinator for the Hindu Sangam 2001 and 2006 • Involved with GITPRO (which helps to support new entrepreneurs and ideas.) • Headed the core committee which conducted the Dharma and Yoga Fest in Sept 2013. • Was the co-chair of the finance and legal committee at the Indo American Community of the West coast which hosted the community reception for Honorable Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Modi on 27th Sept 2015 at Sunnyvale USA.

Dharamraj Panwar:

Young IT Professional, STEAM Educator and Social Entrepreneur. He has more than ten years’ experience of teaching to inspire students in science, technology, engineering, arts & mathematics. He is dynamically sharing his knowledge and experience with the students to help nurture intellectual growth, inspiring and engaging students in significant activities, balancing effective work lifestyle with FUN! Allowing students to do as ample of the work as imaginable. Boosting students to take risks and be ingenious. He has robust patience, dedication, and an enthusiasm to learn alongside the students.

Mentors to our Board

Mr. Chewang Norphel

Chewang Norphel is an Indian civil engineer from Ladakh, who has built 15 artificial glaciers. He has earned the nickname Ice Man.Coming from a middle-class family of Leh, Norphel went to Amar Singh College in Srinagar as a student of science. He completed a diploma course in civil engineering from Lucknow in 1960. In June 1960, he joined the rural development department of Jammu and Kashmir in Ladakh as a civil engineer. He retired in 1995.By 2012, Norphel had built 12 artificial glaciers. Norphel’s largest glacier is the one at the Phuktsey village. It is 1,000 ft long, 150 ft wide and 4 ft in depth. It can supply water for the entire village of 700 people and cost Rs 90,000 to make. He is a recipient of the Jamnalal Bajaj Award in 2010. He was awarded Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award of India, in 2015.We feel very blessed that he is mentoring our SindhushikshaAbhiyan at Leh, Ladakh. His vast experience and vision for Ladakh to be connected with the world is our vision too.

Dr. Amita Dev

Pro Vice Chancellor at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women [IGDTUW] Delhi … Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Computer EngineeringDr. Amita Dev is the First Pro-Vice Chancellor of Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women. She has excellent track record of Administration quality Teaching, Innovation and Research.She has passion for Teaching and Research. She has published 63 + research papers in International and National Journals and Conference Proceedings.he received Ph.D.(Computer Engineering) degrees from Delhi Technological University.Dr. Amita Dev has also authored a book on “Programming in Java”. Dr. Amita Dev has more than 33 years of experience in Industry, Teaching, Research and Administration. Her teaching and research areas include Artificial Neural Networks, Speech Processing, Opportunistic Networks, Speech Recognition Systems, MANETS, Advanced Computer Networks, Data Mining etc.She is the member of the Editorial Boards of several International and National journals. She is reviewer of research papers of International Journals, Conferences and also Examiner to Ph.D and M.Tech. thesis of different universities.We are really proud to have her mentor us for Women empowerment as she rightly believes that“YOU EDUCATE A MAN; YOU EDUCATE A MAN.YOU EDUCATE A WOMAN; YOU EDUCATE A GENERATION.”

Mr. Venkatesh Murthy

Coordinator at Youth for Seva, National Organizing SecretaryYouth for Seva (YFS), founded in April 2007, is a nation-wide volunteering movement that inspires youth to volunteer, and provides them with meaningful opportunities to serve the community.The goal of YFS is to support schools, destitute shelters, government hospitals and other organizations in the social sector through volunteers who can help them mitigate some of their shortcomings and challenges. Volunteering is made easy and customized to the individual’s interests, time availability and skill sets.YFS aims to create positive change agents in the society, through the culture of volunteering.We are very fortunate that Mr. Murthy is mentoring our Community Outreach division. His untiring service to the community gives us encouragement and motivation to contribute to the social sector.

Mr. Srikanth Jadcherla

Chairman, iMedrix Inc. – An IOT mHealth leader. Founder, Professor and Chairman, Global Technology University – A digital hybrid universitySrikanth Jadcherla is a well-known Low Power Electronics Guru, technologist, serial entrepreneur, investor and pioneering educator. Almost all the mobile and consumer electronics in the world today use his work. Prof. Jadcherla has also pioneered electronics’ entrepreneurship in India, bravely opting to do lead product development in India in cutting edge technology areas for over 15 years.He has initiated education, incubation and electronics’ entrepreneurship projects in India traveling more than 300,000 km across the country. To date, his products done in Bangalore are still one of the few to have succeeded worldwide in the electronics sector out of India. Prof. Jadcherla is very passionately committed to the cause of improving electronics education, entrepreneurship and research.He built some of the most affordable graduate programs in India and had some of the highest employer numbers for rural students. In a short period, he has transformed the way electronics education is taught in India and gave his programs to the IIT-NPTEL for free distribution. In his latest venture, Srikanth is bringing affordable access to healthcare to people all over the planet through iMedrix.iMedrix is a game changing pioneer in cardiology, saving 100s of lives to date and helping to battle the epidemic of Cardiovascular disease. The work iMedrix has done in India is now being followed and adopted in multiple countries around the world, including US and China. Srikanth is very hands on and can be seen in action below. More can be found online using internet search.We are very thrilled that Mr. Jadcherla is mentoring our Technology and Entrepreneurship division. His inspiring and problem solving innovations give us motivation, encouragement and direction.